What Our Customers Are Saying


What Our Clients Say

“As someone that readily admits to being a very choosy customer, I have been a long standing, and completely satisfied client of Dr. Andrea Putt for both my dogs. As I care a great deal for my pets, (both very active as certified therapy dogs), I accept nothing but the very best for them. ”

Keith Fishman

When I met Dr. Andrea Putt for the first time I had just adopted a precious little Rat Terrier that we named Barney. I took him in for a quick once over to be sure he was well and healthy. That visit was 16 years ago. Since my first office visit with Dr. Putt I have trusted only her with my four more recent adoptees. I guess you would have to say the relationsip you build with your best friends Vet has to be based on trust. My trust in Dr. Putt stems from many regular check ups, to serious illnesses and finally the last visit. She and I have laughed together and cried together. When she helped my Barney over the Rainbow Bridge I believe that was a very difficult day for her as well because of the many years she cared for him. Though he was a bit on the snotty side, she could see that he was a little guy trying to be brave and tough.

My new “Pup Family” includes 2 mini Doxie’s, 1 Rat Terrier, and 1 Greyhound. Each one of them will be taken care of by Dr. Putt as I know how skilled and compassionate she is with each and everyone of her patients. She is not only my pups Vet but now after many years, a trusted friend of mine as well.

Thank you for your patience, knowledge, and beautiful spirit. ”

Jackie Bowen & pups

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